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About Heyi

About Heyi

Company Profile
Company Profile
- Company Introduction -

Anhui HeYi Food Corp. was established in July 2005, according to the government unified planning, in August 2013 the company site moved from the original Cheng Ling Industrial Park into the modern industrial park. Registered capital of 53.9344 million yuan, covering 114 acres.

Chestnut company's main products, acquisition of other agricultural products, processing, marketing and export business. In the acquisition, processing, sales of chestnut reached 15,000 tons, chestnut acquisition of the county accounted for more than 1/2, aquatic products processing capacity of 2,000 tons. At present, all products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the European Union and other countries and regions. Now it is the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Anhui Province and the leading enterprise of forestry industrialization in Anhui Province. In 2016, it was selected as "specialized, refined, special and new" enterprise in Anhui Province. Jinzhai County Chestnut Association, led by the company, won the title of 1000 Outstanding Agricultural Association of China in 2011. The company "Hop Yick" trademark by the Anhui province famous trademark, and registered "Jinzhai Chestnut" geographical indication trademark. In recent years, the company has also made great breakthroughs in product development and technological innovation, and has applied for more than a dozen patents in succession.


The company has taken the industrialized operation mode of "base + cooperative + farmer" and organized 38 chestnut professional cooperatives, which are closely linked with the farmers of thousands of families through cooperatives and make common development and common prosperity. The company relies on rich green agricultural and sideline products resources in mountainous areas and takes the road of deep processing of agricultural products. It devotes itself to increasing the added value of agricultural and sideline products, giving full play to the leading role of "leading" and making due contributions to the prosperity of the old district economy.


In order to increase financing channels, the Company has listed on the new third edition in November 2016 and has recently been discussing the listing of co-operating mainboards.

Business pursuit
Forge ahead, pragmatic innovation, continuous improvement
Endless pursuit of higher standards of quality
Enterprise's goal
Leading the launch of new technology products
Leading technical standards and creating markets
Service philosophy
Trustworthy entrust, thoughtful and meticulous
Share information and resources with customers to create a win-win situation

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Address:Jinzhai County, Anhui Province, Modern Industrial Park

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