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Talent Recruitment
- Talent Recruitment -

Talent is capital and the source of power for enterprise development. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, common development", strives to create excellent working and living conditions for each employee, provides a broader career development platform, customizes career development plans, and maximizes the potential of each employee. The growth and progress of employees in order to achieve the goal of common development of the company and employees. The company advocates simple and harmonious interpersonal relationships, resists any bad "corporate politics" phenomenon, makes the relationship between people simple and healthy, and strives to build a happy working atmosphere. We care about the lives of employees and encourage employees to pursue physical and mental health. The company supports employees to carry out rich cultural and sports activities, so that employees can relax outside of work, so that employees can work hard and live happily.


Talent concept: The selection of talents takes "openness, fairness, justice, selection of the best, and selection of the right" as the guiding ideology, and adheres to the selection concept of "one grade, two talents, three appearances, competition to choose the best, and the job to determine the talent".


Educational concept:"Talents are the foundation of a strong enterprise, and the enterprise is a boat of talents." To realize the common growth of enterprises and talents, a complete training mechanism is indispensable, combined with the company's strategic development needs, to conduct systematic and systematic training for employees and advocate lifelong learning. Enhance future market competitiveness through the cultivation of innovative professionals.


Use talent:"First stage, then challenge, trust but not laissez-faire", Anhui Heyi Food Co., Ltd. absorbs all kinds of talents without sticking to one pattern. At the same time, it adheres to a flexible and reasonable competition mechanism to use all directions and wisdom to absorb all rivers and build a full display platform for talents. And the arena of development, regardless of seniority, meritocracy, combining authorization and supervision.


Retention:The environment attracts people and the treatment keeps people”, we advocate “the capable people enjoy their jobs, those who have achievements enjoy their benefits, and those who make merit enjoy their shares”, and establish a result-oriented distribution system and value evaluation system, with a good salary system Retain talents, stimulate the value of employees, and ensure the sustainable operation and sustainable development of the company.

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